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Revolutionary New Water System That Softens Water Without The Use Of Salts

Welcome To Totum Flow

We offer a water softener that uses magnetic technology to break down particles into smaller particles and even dissolve them. Using this technology has a whole host of benefits for commercial and domestic use. The Totum Flow Water Softener can be used in all kinds of different industries and situations. Industries such as farming and agricultural will benefit incredibly from this water system. There are also so many positives to having this water softener installed in your home. Sufficient testing and research has been undertaken and is still ongoing to find and prove even more positives that can come from our product.

You can have the purest and cleanest drinking water on tap in your home. There’s no need to buy bottled water anymore with Totum Flow. The simplicity of our water softener means that you no longer need to buy salt or have any servicing carried out for it. It doesn’t use any electricity and will even increase the life span of your appliances. The water itself hydrates your body more effectively and is easier on skin and hair.

Playing Sports Or Going To The Gym

Stay fully hydrated when playing sports or training in the gym. The science of magnetic resonance makes our water more biologically active this will improve the waters ability to dissolve compounds & increase its oxygen content. Natural nutrients will be more readily available to our bodies. Water molecule clusters are broken down into minuscule units & therefore completely bio-available to our cells resulting in full hydration. Full hydration = Full concentration.

Pets And Animals

This water softener will keep your pets and animals in tip top condition. The water drunk through our device will be absorbed by cells much easier. This means that the animals will be more hydrated and healthy. They will have an improved immune system, better metabolism, increased bone formation when growing, they will have more energy, a higher fertility rate, sperm count and even have shorter breeding cycles.

Cleaning Water Using Magnetic Technology

The water softener device is installed very easily and once done there are no more worries or concerns for the systems well being, it lasts for 15 years. It only takes 20 minutes to install and is only a few inches long so it doesn’t take up any space at all. You can forget about it and carry on as normal while you reap all of the benefits. There are a lot of great things that the water system brings for your home, such as:

  • Reducing your heating bills up to 20% annually
  • Removes and prevents limescale
  • A one time investment provides 15 years of healthy drinking water and a more productive healthy home with zero maintenance cost
  • Great tasting water on tap
  • Household appliances last longer
  • The benefits to your health are endless

Save Money, Time And Improve Your Health

  • No salt required
  • No servicing
  • No electricity
  • Scale free pipes throughout your home
  • Clean your kitchen and bathroom with ease
  • Fully hydrates your body and is kinder to your skin and hair

Health Benefits

Using magnetised water to make beverages, tea, and other liquids are the key to prevent health problems for the whole family and essential to a successful recovery of health imbalances, such as:


Magnetic water can be essential to help prevent clogging of arteries in the heart and brain


Magnetic water may increase the efficiency of the immune system to combat infection


Magnetic water can help eliminate addictive urges for caffeine, alcohol, and some drugs


Magnetic water helps the body naturally replenish its supply of the neurotransmitter serotonin


Magnetic water generates electrical and magnetic energy in every cell of the body, providing a natural power boost


Magnetic water is an aid to strong bone formation


Magnetic water hydrates the skin more efficiently than using topical creams

Benefits Of Using A Totum Flow Water System For Farming Or With LivestockBenefits Of Using A Totum Flow Water System On A Dairy Farm
Decrease disease – Using the magnetised water system to clean enclosures reduces germs and bacteria, ultimately decreasing the chances of diseaseIncreased milk yield – The lactation period is elongated which increases the milk production by 10%. The milk also has a higher fat content by .15% above the standard 3.2%
Hydrates animals much betterBanish Mastitis – Magnetised water reduces milk bacteria which then lowers chances of Mastitis and amount of medication given to the animals
Weight gain in animals – Scientific results show that using one of our water systems improved the weight of calves by 35%, lambs by 12%, rabbits by 10% and piglets 48%Improved taste and quality of meat – The animals retain nitrogen much better and have improved digestion, this aids the animal to build its self up in protein
Poultry grow quicker and their egg laying quality is improved by 10%Commercial benefits – More meat with higher taste quality, more milk with better fat content, longer storage time in milk containers, healthier and happier livestock, lower veterinary costs and improvements to breeding cycles

Q: How long until I see results?

A: The taste of water will improve immediately. Limescale reduction is noticeable in 2 weeks. The water feels softer immediately.

Q: Where is the system fitted?

A: The system can be fitted on the mains inlet pipe, inside or outside.

Q: Does the system need any sort of maintenance?

A: No maintenance required of any sort, simply fit and forget.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing one of our water softeners then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can see our contact details just a bit further down the page. Our team are very friendly and knowledgeable on our product, they will be happy to assist you. You can also find extra information on our website so don’t forget to visit there. We look forward to speaking to you sometime soon.

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