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Started in 2013, Things To Do In has been helping businesses gain online web presence. We originally planned to be an attraction based directory. But after having businesses like plumbers, computer repair shops, clothes stores etc get to page one with their micro site, we realised that this works for any type of business. We believe that we are the most cost effective online advertising that you can do. We have a fantastic team behind our business that has seen Things To Do In grown over that past few years. Seeing our clients websites and micro sites getting further up the pages on Google gives us huge satisfaction.

We Are Your Local Online Business Advertising Directory

Some of the benefits that our clients receive are:

  • They get their own custom built micro site
  • A link back to their own websites
  • Their social media pages get linked to their micro site
  • We post their business on our social media channels
  • Their micro site is put in front of thousands of weekly visitors
  • All the other business owners can see their micro site
  • A Google map so that potential customers can find their exact location
  • They do not get tied into any contracts

You can get all of this and more for less than £1 a day! You can pay monthly by direct debit to spread the cost out over the year. If you can show us a more cost effective way of online advertising then we will give you a second year listed on our sites for free.

Get Your Business Noticed!

So many of our current clients are seeing massive growth in their online presence even if they don’t have a website themselves. The five images above in the gallery section show micro sites of five different businesses that have all shot up to page one of Google with the micro site that we built them. Among those is a telephone answering service company, an ice cream van hire company, a dessert shop, a cash exchange and a computer repair store. All of these types of businesses and so many more are boosting their online presence through Things To Do In.

If you are interested in joining Things To Do In and benefiting from our online advertising then get in touch today. Either give us a call or send us an email using the details that are listed below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or would like to setup an appointment for us to come and visit then ring the number below. Our team are very friendly and knowledgeable so they will be more than happy to help.

Don’t forget to follow our social media pages where you can be kept up to date with all of our latest news and we regularly post our clients businesses.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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